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– Find the year for your OMC, Johnson/Evinrude®,
Viking/Eaton OB, Mercury OB and Mercuiser I/O …
Also find what spark plug your outboard needs …


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– Find Polaris® parts needed …Click on picture to link

– Find Mercrusier
parts needed …
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Parts & Accessories Marine
2019 catalogue

We deal in quality Johnson/Evinrude Bombardier parts.

– OMC, Johnson/Evinrude® (Bombardier) Parts Catalog …

New – Also look up SeaDoo®, SkiDoo®, Lynx®, ATV® Parts Catalog …

Johnson, Evinrude & OMC Parts and Diagrams

Click on the picture below to view OMC, Johnson and Evinrude parts diagrams. This will open up another page with Bombardier’s electronic parts catalog as well as a form to enter part numbers.    Once you find the part numbers you need you can contact us to find prices and availability.  Bombardiers electronic parts catalogue has parts diagrams and breakdowns with exploded views of OMC parts, Evinrude outboard parts and Johnson outboard parts. Included below we have parts catalogues for the rare OMC Sea Drive and OMC Sail drive.

For old service manual contact;   Ken Cook Co.

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OMC Sail Drives and Sea Drives Parts Catalog

Please note: These catalogues are in .pfd you will need adobe reader, please click here to get it.

Find Model or Serial of
your OMC/Stern Drive.

Older OMC Sterndrives
Model & Serial Numbers

OMC Sterndrives after 1980
Model & Serial Numbers

Find the year of your OMC/Bombardier motor.
You will need your model, usually located on the mounting bracket.

OMC YEAR (Bombardier)
Spark plug chart for OMC/(Bombardier)

Find the year of your Viking/Eaton’s motor.
Usually located on the mounting bracket.

Viking/Eaton’s YEAR 2009 Edition
Viking/Eaton’s YEAR 2007 Edition

Find the year of your Mercuiser inboard/out boat motor.
Usually located on a tag on the carburetor cover.


Find the year of your Mercury outboard motor.
Usually located on the top of mounting bracket.

Mercury YEAR

Suzuki Outboard Model Identification

Model Description HP Model Variation Length Year
DT = 2-Stroke
DF = 4-Stroke
PU = Jet Drive
C = Oil injection
E = Electric Start, Tiller Control
G = Counter Rotation
H = Power Trim & Tilt w/ Elect. Start w/Tiller Handle
= Manual Start, Tiller Control
N = High thrust or sail model available in 8 and 9.9 hp
QH = Tiller Control with gas assisted tilt (some DF25/30/40/50)
R = Remote Control, Electric start
S = High performance 150 HP with EFI (designed for bass boats)
SF = Super Four
SS = Super six (150 HP only) with PTT, oil injection, remote control / Super Sport for DF250
T= Trim & tilt, Remote Control, Electric Start (tilt only with remote & electric on DT40TC prior to 1994)
TH = Tiller Control with PTT (some DT55/65, DF60/70)
V = 200 HP Exante model with Comlink, PTT, oil injection, remote control
Z = Counter Rotation
S = 15″
L = 20″
X = 25″
XX = 30″
Note: G or Z after the length indicates counter rotation
D = 1983
E = 1984
F = 1985
G = 1986
H = 1987
J = 1988
K = 1989
L = 1990
M = 1991
N = 1992
P = 1993
R = 1994
S = 1995
T = 1996
V = 1997
W = 1998
X = 1999
Y = 2000
K1 = 2001
K2 = 2002
K3 = 2003
K4 = 2004
K5 = 2005
K6 = 2006
K7 = 2007
K8 = 2008
K9 = 2009
L0 = 2010
L1 = 2011
Example Model: DT40CRSN
DT 40 CR S N
2-Cycle 40HP Oil Injection, Elect. Start w/Remote Control 15″ 1992

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