Boat Lifts

We have various marinas in the area that offer lift services to put your boat in the water at the beginning of the season or to take it out at the end of the season … 

Pointe du Chêne Yacht Club

The Marina is scheduled to re-open on Friday, May 25th, 2018.
There will be security after that date.
If anyone should choose to put their
boat in the Marina prior to that date,
please be advised that there will be no
security until Friday, May 25th.– Date – 1st Lift IN – May
– Friday the 25th, 2018
– Depending on weather!
– All Dates Are Weather Permitting!
– There will be a boat lift on that date as long
as we have (14) boats confirmed for the lift.- Date – 2nd Lift IN
– on Friday May 26th, 2018.If needed, another lift will be scheduled the second weekend in June.If you wish to schedule for these dates,
please contact the office at 532-6800.
A follow up call or email will be made to
you to advise your approximate time
& order of your lift. If for any reason the lift
is cancelled, you will also be notified.- All Dates Are Weather Permitting!These Dates are tentative ….
Please call the Marina to book your lift.
Please contact Walter Wojcicki:
532-6800 for any changesOrder of lift will be determined by the Manager
& you will be notified by email.
Proof of insurance is absolutely mandatory at this time.
Please ensure that you bring a copy to the office.Please check with Marina to make
sure that there is a Lift …
Thank you for your patience.

Please call the office at 532-6800 to
schedule your desired lift-in date.
You will be advised a number in order of lift.
Please ensure that you bring
cash or check as the marina will be
collecting for the lift.

(Point du Chêne Yacht Club)
LAUNCH/HAUL IN FEES:The fees for launch/haul in are as follows (including HST):
Fee Schedule as Follows:

Friday Lift:

Boats with mast: $140.00 (tax incl)
Boats without masts: $110.00 (tax incl)
Boats 16,000 lbs & over: $12.00 per min with a minimum charge of $160.00

Saturday Lift:

Boats with mast: $150.00 (tax incl)
Boats without mast: $120.00 (tax incl)
Boats 16,000 & over: $13.00 per min with a minimum charge of $180.00 + 4.00 per minute over 20 minutes


Please check with Marina
to make sure these prices are accurate.

For the people that we tow;

Telephone: (506) 532-6444
583 rue Main Street, Shédiac,
New Brunswick, Canada, E4P 2C6
Please Contact us so we can put a list together, thank you. 

Marina OPENING – After Saturday, May 19 th, 2018
Friends of Shediac Bay Lift Schedual


There will be security after that date.

Friends of Shediac Bay
Jib Crane Scheduled Lifts

Power and Sail
Spring 2018 Schedule – Saturdays
(Following Sunday if Storm Delayed)

  • Date – 1st Lift
    – Saturday – May 19th, 2018
    – Starts at 8:30AM – 12:30PM
  • Date – 2nd Lift
    – Saturday – May 26th, 2018
    – Starts at 8:30AM – 12:30PM
  • Date – 3rd Lift
    – Saturday – June 2th, 2018
    – Starts at 8:30AM – 12:30PM
  • Date – 4th Lift
    – Saturday – June 9th, 2018
    – Starts at 8:30AM – 12:30pm

Please contact
– Jamie Storey –, for any changes.
or Brien Storey

(Friends of Shediac Bay)
LAUNCH/HAULOUT FEES:The fees for launch/haul out are as follows (including HST):
Scheduled Lift Costs including mast crane :
$ 120.00 (Non-members)
by cash or check to
“Friends of Shediac Bay”
1. To organize for the lift, as boat trailers arrive they will get in line, register, pay the fee and be issued a number in the line up. The number of the current boat being lifted will be displayed at or near the jib crane. You will present your number to the lift operator when boat is at the dock ready to be lifted.
2. There is a separate Mast Crane at the end of the wharf to allow you to raise your mast before after launch. Have your mast turnbuckles ready to loosen when coming to the mast crane and face the boat to the north.
3. Boat owners should have at least three (3) persons helping with their lift.
4. Have your mast turnbuckles ready to loosen when coming to the mast crane and face the boat to the north..
5. Non-member Unscheduled lifts are permitted any day of the week with one or more of the trained operators. Cost is $160(includes operator fee). See List of operators at PYC and SBYC clubs.
6. Use of mast crane only, cost is $70.00
7. Maximum lift capacity – 15,000 lbs.
8. Members pay $30.00.
April 20, 2017
Operations Committee

Please respond with a date (or two) that you can volunteer to help with the lift. I will then advise of the rosters.

Jamie Storey –


Cap de Cocagne
Cocagne Cape Port Authority Inc.
100 Cap-de-Cocagne Road
Grande-Digue, NB E4R 4H8

DATES FOR THE LIFT INDates – 1st – Lift IN -Lift dates have been selected as follows:Saturday May 26thPlease let one of us know which lift date you plan to use.
Please remember you must attend our pre-lift safety meeting
at 7:30am on lift day in order to take part in the lift.Please contact Marina Manager, Brandon McKeil:
1-(506)-312-1941 or 576-8002 for any changes.
VHF 68
Hope you have a great boating season …


Quai D'Escuminac
Escuminac Wharf

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