Shediac Bay Marina Reconstruction

Good Day Folks,

We are looking for opinions on the reconstruction of a new marina for the Shediac Bay yacht club.

Here is the original construction:

Figure A


And here would be a new concept proposal :

This new concept would consider securing the main docks to the breakwater permanently.

Figure B

Please tell us what you think of the idea or if you have an idea for the new marina ….

Thank you for your time and input …

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian the angry Dog!

Bad weather is something that we get in our small community especially in the fall when hurricane season comes along. Some were less prepared for it than others. This one was called hurricane Dorian. Call it the angry dog for lack of a better word. They warned us that it was coming up the coast. Lots of people are going to remember this one.We could call it, the one that hit the fan sideways. Some people were saying that it didn’t seem to be one that would be too harsh. Well they were wrong.

The rain started around 10 am Saturday September 7th, 2019, then winds started picking up in the afternoon. At around 6 pm the power went out, and the wind really started picking up. Like the weather station was reporting, it blew like stink and the rain came down like buckets. For one I have never in my life been witnessed to a fall storm so fearsome. We didn’t get any vehicles overturned. But the Shediac Marina got the shit kicked out of it.

At around 11:30 pm to 2:00 am the winds went wild, the line on A dock let go and then everything else followed. What a mess, boats are pilled one on top of the other, up on the rocks they went, lots of damage to be had. This is one that is going to be remembered for a long time. At the Point du Chêne Marina it held out really well, but for the old Robichaud Wharf it was completely destroyed.

Leave us a comment below let us know how was your experience with Hurricane Dorian!

Thank you for reading our blog.

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