Season coming to an end … Looking at winterizing outboards

Hi folks,
We’ll try to give you more advice in the winter season as to help you have a better boating season for next summer.

We hope that you had a good boating season and that the boating bumps were not to harsh along the road, as we very well know they can be. Boating should be enjoyable and relaxing, to enjoy what life’s little pleasures has to bring.

Well folks we’re sorry to say that the boating season in our part of the country is very quickly coming to an end. You should really consider having your boat and motor winterized by a professional company if you are not sure how to do it yourself.

Today we are going to look at winterizing your outboard.

When considering winterizing your outboard you will need to buy a few things depending if you have a 4 stroke outboard or a 2 stroke outboard.

Things to buy before you start; grease (preferably water proof grease), gear oil (good grade gear oil), motor oil (if you have a 4 stroke), fogging oil, fuel conditioner and anti-corrosion spray (rust inhibitor), and gaskets for the gear oil screws.

You will also need a set of ear muffs and/or a barrel to run the outboard in.

You will want to grease everywhere there is access to greasing on the outboard to keep it from seizing up over the long winter months or storage period.

First ;
You want to add the fuel conditioner in your gas to run the motor while winterizing your motor. You want to read what it says on the fuel conditioner bottle to know what amount you want to put in the fuel.

Second ;
Gear oil for both types of motors is the oil that goes in the gear housing at the propeller. Make sure you always empty the lower unit oil at the end of each season to check for water in the gears. If there is water in the gear case over the winter it can freeze and crack you gear case. This will result in a big expense that you would rather want to stay way from. The other problem that you might have, even if you keep your motor in a warm place, if water does get into the gear-case during the summer period; is rusted gears over a long period of time.

To empty the gear case there will be 2 screws you will want to undo, one at the top (sometimes you will have 2 at the top they are vent screws) and one at the bottom, if you don’t take the 2 screws (bottom and top) out, all the oil will not be drained out of the gear case. To fill the gear case back up you will need to introduce the oil from the bottom of the gear case until you see the oil coming out of the top screw. You should also change the gaskets that are on the oil screws to avoid problems (water infiltration at those areas).

Third ;
You want to do the fogging of the motor. Never run your motor out of the water at any time!!! It take 15 seconds to burn your impeller. “You should also read the instructions on the storage oil can.” Run the motor for 10, 15 minutes to warm it up (this will also help to change the oil in a 4 stroke motor, warm oil flows better). Then unplug the fuel line let run until it starts to run out of gas, at this point you start spraying oil into the carburetor (if there are more than one carburetor spray a little in each carb.) until the engine starts to smoke a lot. At this point let the motor die on its own. You will to have access to the carburetor to do this technique. So you will have to take the air breather of the carburetor. You are done for the fogging part.

You should change the oil for your 4 stroke engine (in the block). A 4 stroke engine is like a car engine it has oil inside the motor that lubricates the inside gears of your motor. The oil looses its viscosity over time because of heat and wear of the motor. Because of the weather changes there will be moisture that will be created inside the motor. This is why you want to change the oil in the motor.

Fourth ;
You should spray the motor (the block) with anti corrosion spay. This will help prevent mechanical parts on the motor to stay lubricated and avoid rust from settling in.

PS; You should consider changing your impeller every 2 to 3 years to make sure the your motor always runs at the proper temperature.

On this page “Putting your boat away for the winter” you will find interesting tips on putting your boat to bed for the winter.

We hope that this was helpful and that we will have the opportunity to help you in the coming summer season. Happy winter and everything else that comes with it. Thank you for reading our post.

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